Terms and Conditions


General rules
Note that all the principles and procedures of the planners are in accordance with the laws of the IR Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of protection of consumer rights, and subsequently the user is also obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If there are any future changes in the rules, procedures and services of planners, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site means acceptance of any changes. Definition of customer or user

A customer or a user is a person who registers an order or any use of the TarhPardazan’ services with his user information entered in the registration form.

Electronic communications

When you use the services and services of planners, register or purchase your online order, or send e-mails to TarhPardazan , these communications are done electronically, and if the request By complying with all the principles and procedures, you agree that the TarhPardazan will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, short message service and other electronic services).

Also, the e-mail address and telephone numbers that the customer registers in his profile are the only official e-mail addresses and telephone numbers approved by the customer, and all the company’s correspondence and responses are made through them.

In order to inform about events, services and special services or promotions, it is possible for the TarhPardazan to send emails or SMS to the members of the website. If you don’t want to become a member and register your profile on the site, you will still be able to use most of the facilities and services available on the site. But you will not be able to access some parts. This site reserves the right not to display comments posted by its visitors on the site if they are of an unethical, political, or in any way unrelated to the site’s goals. It is possible to check the IP of all commenters in the site system, and if necessary, restrictions on access to the site will be applied to the wrongdoers.

Privacy policies

The TarhPardazan respects and protects the private information of people who use the site’s services.

TarhPardazan undertakes to protect your privacy as much as possible and in this regard, to develop the technology needed to make your use of the site more secure and safe. In fact, by using the TarhPardazan’s website, you show your satisfaction with this policy.

All content available through any of the TarhPardazan’s services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, videos, downloadable and copyable items, data and all content produced by the TarhPardazan are considered part of the property of the TarhPardazan. and the right to use and publish all existing and available content is the exclusive property of the TarhPardazan, and any use without obtaining written permission reserves the right of legal prosecution for the TarhPardazan.

Users are allowed to exploit and use the list of services, specifications, prices and any use of derivatives of the TarhPardazan’s website or any of the services or content, downloading or copying information for commercial purposes, any use of They are not data mining, robots, or similar methods such as data collection and mining tools, and all such rights are reserved to the developers.

In case of using any of the TarhPardazan services, the users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and the users are responsible for all the activities that are carried out under the user account or password.

The only official authority approved by us to communicate with you is the official website of this website, i.e. www.tarhpardazan.com, as well as emails sent with the @ tarhpardazan.com extension and contact numbers listed on the website.

Order registration, processing and delivery

– TarhParzaran allows its customers to place orders 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

– All the orders registered on the TarhPardazan’s website are placed in the processing queue by sending the order code via email.

– If there is a problem in the final processing of the shopping cart, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 24 to 48 working hours.

– TarhPardazan are allowed to stop taking new orders without prior notice, and all orders registered before stopping taking orders will be processed. The planners reserve the right to stop selling all or part of the services for any reason without prior notice.

– In case of any error regarding the price and services available on the TarhPardazan’s website, the TarhPardazan reserves the right to cancel the order and purchase made by the customer. The TarhPardazan will deposit and return the received funds to the account declared by the customer as soon as possible, and the customer, by entering the TarhPardazan’s website, accepts that he is aware of this and will not have any claims in this regard.

– Users must complete the order form with correct information when ordering the product they want. Obviously, if incomplete or incorrect information is entered, the user’s order cannot be tracked and delivered. Therefore, the customer’s inclusion of email and cell phone numbers means that their authenticity has been confirmed, and if these items are not entered correctly or completely, the TarhPardazan can ask the customer for information to ensure the accuracy and certainty of the order registration. Request additional and more.

– It should be noted that adding a service to the shopping cart does not mean reserving that service and does not create any rights for customers. Also, before the final registration, any changes, including price changes, will be applied to the service added to the shopping cart. Therefore, customers who have the desire and decision to make a definite purchase, especially regarding services provided under the title of special offer that have a time limit, are advised to finalize their order as soon as possible so as not to face the end of the plan or price change. It is worth noting that the order is finalized only when the users receive their order code, and it is obvious that the TarhPardazan has no responsibility for the services left in the shopping cart.

It is possible to make any changes in the text and rules written on this page by the TarhPardazan’s website without prior notice. In case of any important changes, we will do our best to inform you, but users are also obliged to be informed of the changes by constantly referring to this text.


• The service recipient is obliged to use the real name and surname (in English letters), complete and accurate information during registration. Because the service account will be created with the entered specifications. Non-fulfillment of the obligations contained in the purchase rules reserves the right to suspend or cancel the contract for the service provider.

• The service recipient is responsible for all the information exchanged in the web conference and the assigned IPs and the information available on the rented server(s) and the service provider will not have any responsibility in this regard.

• Provision of necessary training, maintenance and support of the system will be done remotely.

• In some circumstances, the entry of users to classes on the server may be applied without restrictions, all users are obliged not to exceed the maximum number of simultaneous users of their plan, in case of monitoring by experts and a violation is observed, the desired service will be immediately interrupted and the user will be required to pay the difference. became.

• The organizer is obliged to comply with the number of simultaneous webcams and control the number of participants according to his service.

• It is forbidden to hold meetings under conditions that cause an excessive increase in network traffic load.

• The right to monitor the classes and enter the class to check the situation will be reserved for planner experts with a planner account.

• Failure to comply with the rules of the site and the limitations of the plans will result in the complete termination of the service and the user will be obliged to pay the difference.

• From the date of payment, a maximum of 1 working day is required for installing a dedicated server, setting up the system, testing and delivering it according to the data center’s inventory status.

• If there are not enough resources to create a dedicated server, the user’s deposit amount will be returned within 3 working days.

• In daily and monthly subscription packages, only 1 web conference link with specific user capacity is provided to the applicant, and only in dedicated packages, the possibility of creating multiple online virtual class links, creating content, etc. is provided to the client.

• In subscription packages, it is not possible to insert the site address or customer logo in the class or server information.

• To define users, the Excel file should be completed according to the sample format and sent to the TarhPardazan .

• In dedicated packages, the client’s subdomain is set on the server. Therefore, the client is obliged to create a subdomain, A records and a security certificate on his site and send the necessary information to the TarhPardazan . If the operation is carried out by TarhPardazan , a fee will be charged.

• In the dedicated service, access to the server itself will be closed for users.

• The service recipient undertakes not to use the rented services for the publication and reproduction, sale and illegal distribution of software, music, writings, films, serials, reports and any files belonging to Iranian or foreign persons or companies, without their permission and all laws Observe the international copyright mentioned in the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In case of objection by the person or company with the rights and the client does not have enough documents, the service provider will be able to remove the claimed contents from the rented server or cut off the access to the service according to the request of the person or the company with the rights. Due to the importance of the issue, it can lead to the end of the service without refunding the remaining period.

• After recording the virtual classes, the client is obliged to download the records and information and prepare a backup for himself, and also to record the sensitive classes on his system through screen recording, so in case of hardware problems, software Software and… the service provider will not have any responsibility for maintaining them.

• In choosing the service and its resources, the customer should act according to his needs, of course, if possible, the service can be upgraded by paying the difference in tariffs.

• After signing the contract or paying the fee, the contract cannot be canceled except in cases of serious and irreparable disruptions within 3 days of providing the service. In that case, the amount will be refunded after deducting the cost of the number of days used.

• In dedicated packages, if the customer is not satisfied with the server within 7 days, the payment will be returned after deducting the cost of 7 days.

• The refund request must be sent via email and contain the details of the buyer, the account number in his name and provide a photo of the national card.

• The refund will be made within 3 working days and deposited into the buyer’s account.

• The guaranteed uptime of the network and hardware of the servers provided per month is 95%, although the general stability of the network and hardware of the services is much higher and close to 100% per month. Also, in case of instability in the hardware and service network, the down time will be added to the monthly service period.

• Necessary specifications of the network and open ports needed to enter and participate in the Adobe Connect web conference are: 80, 1935 and 443 (Port) and having a minimum Internet speed of 512 Kbps symmetrically to send and receive information (send+receive) is nessessary.

• It is obvious that after the end of the contract period, if the customer wants to continue the cooperation, he must pay the price of the services at the daily rate.

• Support including: planning for the initial launch of the system in the shortest possible time and besides offering suggestions regarding the purchase of classes, providing alternative dedicated servers if needed, easy access to experts and reliable responses from experts via SMS, phone and email for Training, solving possible problems, guidance for creating new users and creating virtual classes, consulting, etc.

• Services can be provided in three modes: daily subscription, monthly subscription and dedicated monthly. The service is provided after the full payment of the course fee, and the extension of each course, whether daily or monthly, will be possible only after paying the service fee before the next course is due. When the payment deadline is reached, the client’s access to the service is blocked and the service is stopped, and non-payment, up to one day after the due date on dedicated servers and shared servers; It is considered as unwillingness to renew the service and actions will be taken to remove the said service. Obviously, after removing the service, it is not possible to restore the information and the service provider will not be responsible in this regard. If the client pays the course invoice after the service has been blocked for several days, the period of use will be calculated according to the previous periods and the number of days the client has not been able to access the service due to non-payment will not be added to the course period.

• The ping time of the Iranian network from different parts of the country is around 10 to 100 milliseconds, and the ping time of the network from services located outside of Iran is around 90 to 350 milliseconds, which is possible considering the infrastructural capacities of the domestic network. Ping time sometimes increases to more than these values. In this case, the service provider will investigate the problem according to the documents provided by the client. It is necessary to explain that solving the problems in the network of different ISPs is beyond the authority of the service provider and the client must follow up and solve them personally.

It is possible to make any changes in the text and rules written on this page by the TarhPardazan’s website without prior notice. In case of any important changes, we will do our best to inform you, but users are also obliged to be informed of the changes by constantly referring to this text.